The Beginning


Hello, and welcome to the first post to the Rustlog!

For everyone not interested about the author: I'm Kang Seonghoon, a Korean software developer doing funky things. In the world of Rust I'm probably best known for rust-encoding, a comprehensive character encoding library. I also happen to enjoy talking on Moznet #rust (as known as Yurume).

So what the hell is this blog?

I have a separate personal journal in my website. Probably many of you wouldn't understand its contents; it's almost Korean only, and even though I've done some works to make the whole website bilingual, the journal remains quite exclusive in Korean. (I do have some English posts though.)

Still, I have a desire to write useful posts in English. That's why I sometimes write to Gist. It is technically not a blog, but at least it is a comfortable place to write a Markdown post. I also have been motivated by the concept of "worklog" as a daily diary for logging the day's work.

So I'm going to give a shot. Every Rust-related post in English from now on will go here. Also, I'll try to write a short remainder about whatever I've done with Rust every day ("worklog"). I know this is very hard from the experience, but at least I'll try to do so. I'm kind of a yak-shaving personnel, but this time I chose to stick to Pelican as it seems easy to install and forget about it.

I'd appreciate any feedback on the post available here, but unless there is a link to the explicit feedback form, please direct any feedback to my personal email. I'm close to hate the direct comments, so sorry about that. And obviously my writing solely represents my own opinion and not my employer's or organization's. :)